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Hiking in the Low Tatra Mountains

The Low Tatra Mountains as well as the whole Liptov region offer loads of corners, marvellous panoramas and tourist traces available for less and more capable tourists. We have selected some of them. More details on tourism in the Tatra Mountains and Liptov region you can find on the web site

Wędrówki górskie

A name of the traceTimeLengthDifficultyHeight
To the Kozi chrbat from Donovaly04:15undefinednot difficult500 m
To the Kozi chrbat from Hiadel05:1517 kmless difficult878 m
To the top of Velka Chochula07:4526 kmdifficult1328 m
To Raztocke lazy04:4515 kmless difficult631 m
To Durkova from Jasenie07:3028 kmdifficult1243 m
To Skalka 09:3028 kmdifficult1350 m
Around Krpacovo and Lehoty03:45undefinednot difficult250 m
Around Krpacovo through Tale03:00undefinednot difficult180 m
To the top of the hill Baba04:15undefinednot difficult934 m
To the top of Dumbier and Chopok from Tragoska 07:3015 kmless difficult923 m
To the peak Chopok and Derese from Srdiecko07:1517 kmless difficult808 m
To Dumbier from Myto pod Dumbierom08:3016 kmdifficult1588 m
To Kralicka04:1515 kmless difficult 856 m
To the hill of Benuska03:0010 kmless difficult926 m
From Bacuch to the village of Vysna Boca04:1512 kmless difficult690 m
To Homolka06:3022 kmless difficult1033 m
To Velka Vapenica 06:1518 kmless difficult 996 m
To the top of Andrejcova06:3018 kmless difficult755 m
To the Kralova Hola from Telgart05:4512 kmless difficult1066 m
To the Kralova Hola from Liptovska Teplicka09:4531 kmless difficult1027 m